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в/о,сред/проф., желательно переподготовка по ФЗ-44, график 5/2

n.d. RUB
Education required
Advanced degree
Experience required
Specialist (can work as mentor)
Carier level
Entry Level
Financial Analysis, Research, and ReportingFinancial ControlRF and Wireless EngineeringComputer, Electronics, Telecomm Install, Maintain, and RepairMerchandise Planning and Buying
Workplace location:
  • Офис: ул.Басандайская, 2/3, Tomsk, Tomsk, Russia
ОГБОУ Школа-интернат для обучающихся, нуждающихся в психолого-педагогической и медико-социальной помощиEnterprise information

Created 07.08.2019

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